Top 10 Most Delicious Fruits in the world

Top 10 Most Delicious Fruits in the world

Top 10 Most Delicious Fruits in the world

The second rule here is that I'm only going to have one fruit per genus.  OK?

So, I'm not going to make a top ten where my number ten is a gala apple my number nine is a Fuji apple.

and my number eight is a macintosh apple and so on,  because that would just get boring.

So, I might talk about other fruits as I'm going along, but for each number spot...

only one fruit from any particular genus.

Yeah, so...

Yeah, I think that's it.  So let's get this ball rolling!

This is a rambutan. This is a pulasan and this is a yellow rambutan.

I'd say like my whole fruit hunting

fascination probably started when I was about 17.   I went to New York City's Chinatown

for the first time and I saw a vendor selling

lychees I'd never seen one before and I got really excited so I bought some and

they were delicious.  Well I walked a little bit further.

I saw a vendor selling longans. I bought some longans and I liked those even more

Some time went by.  I moved to New York City, and I had my first rambutan.

Rambutans in my opinion are far better than lychees or longans

I couldn't imagine it getting any better.

Until I went to Malaysia.  When I went there for the first time I saw Pulasans.

Pulasans take everything that I like about rambutans and it just kind of amps it up.

They are sweeter. They are more flavorful, and they're even bigger.

It's good.

You know and because it just kind of gives you more of what you like about this

I'd have to say now this is my favorite soap berry out of like

lychees and longans and rambutans. I like this better than a rambutan for sure.. It's got more punch to it

And it looks like a little sea urchin.

This one I'm very excited about.   It is a langsat.

I think is how you're supposed to say it.   I had to blow the dust off of this episode.

I reviewed this way back in the beginning.

I think it was my second episode.   It stands as one of my favorite fruits to this day.   Not because it's like the most

interesting flavor wise... I mean they're pretty easy to wrap your head around.

They taste a lot like pomelo, but with a little bit of a stronger taste to them.   But what I like about them is that they're just like

convenient when I was working in Malaysia.  I was there for like nine months.

I would just like always have like a little bag of these on hand.

Just like throughout the day if I'm like I want to snack or something...

I just grab like a handful of langsats and have at it.  So, like, they're not,  you know...

maybe the most interesting flavor-wise, but

they are one that I always associate with my trips to Malaysia.

And it's the one I probably miss the most when I go back to the U.S. because in the U.S.

You just can't find these.   Tastes like very citrusy kind of like...  really mild like...


This is a rose apple.

I had my first rose apple in Beijing,

long before I was making these videos.  It just stood out to me as being such a weird-looking fruit, like a little red bell.

I've never seen anything like it before

So it really made me excited to try this for the first time and I still like it a lot nowadays,

but for kind of like a weird reason. I don't like it for the flavor as much as

just the all over experience of it. They're very light.

They're very crispy and very watery and they don't have much flavor. Just like a very slight

citrus and floral kind of taste to them.

What I like about it is that they are just refreshing to eat.

And they're very like subtle and in Malaysia at least, a lot of people they'll eat it with condiments on it.

They'll put salt and chili powder and plum powder on it to like amp up the flavor and

In my opinion that just ruins them.  It takes away

the subtlety that they have that I think is what makes them so nice.

These are one of my favorite fruits. I really like them. They have very little flavor, but they're very unique and

very refreshing.

This tiny little one is a yellow dragon fruit which are extremely rare.

I really like dragon fruit.  White dragon fruit and red dragon fruit are tasty.  They're good. They're satisfying to eat.

They're just kind of bland and a lot of people that have their first dragon fruit are a little disappointed.

Because they look so cool on the outside that you kind of expect them to taste really interesting, too.

Well, that's not the case with yellow Dragon fruit.  The flavor of the yellow Dragon fruit is

Like a white dragon fruit in a way,

but it's stronger, and it is as sweet as candy...  but oddly

they're really really hard to find I don't know why this is.   The only place that I've ever

seen the yellow Dragon fruit in any kind of regularity was in Hong Kong and there they were

so expensive that it wasn't something you'd be able to eat except for like a special occasion. They taste so much better

than the white or the red varieties.  You get a little less for your money and the

you know you get the thorn so it takes a little more work. It's a little more dangerous

but it's so much better. I mean it's

It's like night and day between this and the other two.

Strawberry tree fruit isn't something that is sold commercially.

Where these trees grow, kids will just look and like forage for them.   Those are some smart kids because this fruit is delicious.

Out of all the fruits that I've had, it's probably the most pleasant surprise;  because I don't

typically go for these little teeny berry like fruits.  These, although don't look like much,

they have a huge amount of flavor.  And that flavor is like really unique.

It's like milky and sweet and

a little like berry-like a little cotton candy-like

There's really really nice kind of like...

Strawberry Nesquik.  That's unbelievable! It tastes like...

tastes milky and like a little fruity so it tastes kind of like strawberry milk.

I believe that this is something called Salacca Wallichiana.

Love that!

The snake fruit that you find in most parts of China and Malaysia look like this.

They are hard and crunchy kind of like a clove of garlic.

They have a strong tropical kind of flavor to them.

And they will give you dry mouth at the drop of a hat.  (Yuk!)

The Thai variety of snake fruit which they call "sala" is

Much different and in my opinion it is much much better.

The thing with this fruit is, it will just sucker punch your taste buds.

If you're in the mood for a snack that has a lot of flavor to it... This will do it!

I can't think of many fruits that are as strong as this one is.

The flavor of sala is kind of like a mix between a bitter pineapple, a peach, and jackfruit.

But in that little package it gives you the flavor of a dozen fruits.


Yeah, it's like shockingly...  so... EXPLOSION OF FLAVOR!

Yeah, good.

Check out this guy.

This is called an Olosapo.

Olosapos have a flavor unlike Anything else on this list.

The closest thing I can relate this to would be an egg fruit.

...but where egg fruit would be like grape juice, the olosapo is like wine.

It is far more refined tasting and has a more of a depth to it.  It's got a complex flavor.

Egg fruit kind of just tastes like an Eggy sweet potato kind of taste.

Olosopos taste like a custard pie or like an egg tart.

It's like dessert. It has a sharp, sweet cheese flavor to it.

This is good.

Hmm. It's really good.

First a little shout-out to Flying Fox Fruits for introducing me to this one.

The Pitangatuba is a juicy, tart, little nugget of deliciousness.

It has its own unique flavor, but it's reminiscent of the star fruit and the Mango.

It takes what I like about star fruit and Mango and it just condenses it down into a bite-sized package.

They are simply divine

Nothing quite like it though. That's  delicious!

This is an atemoya.

Anona fruits are awesome.

And they are incredibly underrated.

Every now and then I'll see a cherimoya or sugar apple pop up at the supermarket;

and for me those are diamonds in the rough.  There are so many little nuanced flavors in

Annona fruits and they are a definite must try.

Out of all the Anona fruits that I have had, and I've had quite a few,  the atemoya is by far my favorite.

It is a hybrid between the cherimoya and the sugar apple.

It takes like that nice flavor of the sugar apple,

but it doesn't have as many seeds.  It takes the nice parts of the cherimoya as well,

but gives it like a little more texture to it.

The combination of these two fruits is just great. I can't recommend anona fruits enough.

It's like a soursop, but more creamy and custardy and sweet.

This is a tasty fruit

Ha Cha, Cha Cha!!!!

So I've got an "Achacha Fruit."

If I didn't make the rule to have only one fruit per genus on this list...

my top three fruits probably would all be Garcinia fruits.

The most common of these would be the purple Mangosteen, and the first time I had a purple Mangosteen, it quickly became my favorite fruit.

I was naive then.

A few years after that, I had a yellow Mangosteen and that was even better.  That became my favorite fruit.

And I couldn't think how anything could be better

Until I tried the achacha fruit.  The achacha fruit not only is fun to say,

but it takes what I like about the purple Mangosteen

(that sweet, subtle flavor that it has) and

It combines it with what I like about the yellow Mangosteen.

(which is that nice tartness that it has) and it mixes them together.

Yellow Mangosteens are a little bit too sour and purple mangosteens are a little bit too sweet

But if you take the good parts of both and you put them together you get the achacha.

It just has a beautiful flavor to it.

And I cannot think of any fruit that I like more than it.

After reviewing 125 or whatever fruits that it is, the achacha stands high above all the others.

This one has like a perfect sourness to it perfect sourness perfect sweetness a nice complex, tasty flavor

Thank you so much for reading please share with your friends

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