BANANAS OF THE PAST & FUTURE - Comparing the Gros Michel with the Cavendish and Goldfinger

BANANAS OF THE PAST & FUTURE - Comparing the Gros Michel with the Cavendish and Goldfinger

BANANAS OF THE PAST & FUTURE - Comparing the Gros Michel with the Cavendish and Goldfinger

this is the grow Michelle banana the

banana variety that was most commonly

available throughout the US and many

other countries up until the 1950s in

the 1950s a disease known as Panama

disease basically wiped out the majority

of the grow Michelle crop and this was

replaced by a Panama disease resistant

banana the Cavendish if you ate a banana

any time basically in the 1960s on you

probably were eating a Cavendish banana

you may have heard that the Cavendish

banana is now being threatened by

another type of disease this is a

different kind of Panama disease and

there is another thing that affects it

called the black city toka fungus so

it's likely that in the future there is

going to be a new banana that we eat

there are scientists right now who are

working on developing a Cavendish banana

that has been altered to be resistant to

the various strains Panama disease and

fungus is out there and that is showing

progress so that might be the solution

that we're looking for that means that

the bananas we have are basically going

to taste very similar to the ones that

we have they are also going to be

Cavendish bananas however there is

another option and this is a likely

option as well and that is to have a

different variety of banana replace the

Cavendish and the one that seems to be

the most likely to take the place of the

Cavendish if we do end up going that

route and that is the gold finger banana

the gold finger banana has a similar

taste to the Cavendish however is

resistant to several forms of Panama

disease including the one that is

threatening the Cavendish it is also

resistant to the blacks it too toka

fungus it is also

more resistant to pests to cold and to

wind so things that the Cavendish banana

is susceptible to as far as diseases and

just in you know general problems that

they might have are solved with the gold

finger banana so it is very likely that

the Cavendish will get replaced by the

gold finger well today guys I'm going to

do something very special I was given a

very rare opportunity to compare all

three types of bananas I'm going to try

the grow Michelle banana the Cavendish

banana and the gold finger banana in

this article and see side-by-side what

they taste like

and which one is actually the greatest

banana of the three by the way I was

given this opportunity by Miami fruit so

Miami fruit thank you so much they sent

me a box of these bananas I could try

them side-by-side if you want to try the

goldfinger banana the grow Michelle

banana they are still available just in

very small quantities because they are

very vulnerable

you can actually get them from Miami

fruit they also have Cavendish bananas

which they grow organic on their farm so

we've got the past the present and

potentially the future so what do these

tastes like how do they compare let's

find out first I'm going to take a bite

of the Cavendish banana I know this is

not going to be so super exciting

because I'm sure you have had one of

these as well but this is just going to

be kind of as a control group tastes

alright tastes exactly how you think it

would nice sweetness to it and it's

probably like a six out of ten on the

sugar scale no tartness to it really

it's got like a slight taste of like

banana peel or plantain or take a little

starchy tasting maybe but not like a

whole lot and

mostly you're getting what I'm just

going to refer to as banana flavor you

know exactly what you would expect a

banana to taste like this has it like a

whole bunch so next I'm going to try the

gold finger a gold finger already it

looks a little bit different it's got a

slight yellow color to it and the

Cavendish is very white well let me give

a smell test why not smells like a

banana oh this smells different a little

start smelling like almost like a little

citrusy not by much but like a it's got

like a little little sharpness to it a

little brightness okay mmm different

very different the texture is much

softer this is riper than the the

Cavendish that I'm eating so that would

make it maybe a little softer but you

know I've had riper Cavendish bananas

I've had Cavendish bananas at this level

and they are a little bit more firm than

this this one kinda like melts apart the

sweetness on this is about the same of

course this is something that can vary

you know fruit plant to plant what have

you when it's grown and all that but so

it would be like anything I'm saying

here but for the ones that I have here

about the same on sweetness it has a

very unique flavor though the flavor is

markedly different it's got a little bit

of a berry kind of flavor

it tastes like if you took one of these

one of these Cavendish bananas and you

blended it with like one tart strawberry

it's got like a little bit of sourness

to it not a lot I say probably like a

two out of ten on my lemon scale this

one however has a zero so they do taste

very similar but this has more

complexity to it more flavor to it and

it's like all around

I think a better banana the Cavendish

has been referred to as a junk banana

the Goldfinger I do not think deserves

that classification this is not junk

this one does taste very good it's not

the best banana that I've had but it's

certainly an improvement to the

Cavendish you know like sometimes

companies will change the secret recipe

and everybody freaks out even if the

secret recipe is improved you get used

to things tasting a certain way and I

think that would be a big reason why you

know the banana companies don't want to

use a different banana they want to have

the same banana that is just going to be

resistant to all of the things that are

currently affecting it so I can see that

business decision but taking things just

like on the surface level and comparing

them side by side these are very

different the goldfinger is very

different but I think on just about all

accounts it is better

the only negative I've heard about the

goldfinger is that a taste it takes

longer for it to grow so the Cavendish

is going to be a faster thing so that's

going to be desirable by you know the

banana companies but the Goldfinger it

does definitely taste better I think

most people would probably agree with me

on that finally I have one more banana

and that is the grow Michelle

the grow Michelle tastes quite similar

to the Cavendish you know how he said

the Cavendish had like a little bit of

like a plantain kind of taste like a

little little bonus flavor in there

that's not so pleasant the girl Michelle

is much cleaner tasting it's got the

that seemed kinda like banana flavor but

without any of the bonuses no bonus

flavors in there

no roughness to it and that flavor that

it does have is dialed up some people

say that banana flavoring like banana

candy that taste is not based off the

Cavendish it's based off the grow

Michelle so grow Michelle by logic

tastes just like artificial banana

flavoring or banana candy that is not

true okay this does not taste like

artificial banana flavoring artificial

banana flavoring tastes like chemicals

and garbage this actually tastes really

good it does have a a bit maybe like

banana candy is kind of flavor just

because it is very flavorful however it

is not it does not taste like chemicals

okay it does not taste like chemicals

the way that banana candies do grow

Michelle it tastes very similar to the


and it's just like if you took

everything you like about a Cavendish

banana and just made it better that's

that's the groan Michelle so we took a

big step down to get our Cavendish in

the 1950s I can see the Cavendish

showing up on supermarket shelves and

people eating it and not really noticing

that it's any different than the Gros

Michelle it's not as good like having

them side by side it is definitely not

as good grow Michelle is better but they

are similar enough where I think people

will just be like huh yeah it's not not

such a good one but it doesn't taste

like a very different fruit however if

the goldfinger does become the banana of

the future if this does take over

that's going to be a shock to people it

is definitely different than these two

that shock maybe a negative just even

though like objectively the Cavendish is

not so good it is a big change so people

might resist that they might have a

problem with the Goldfinger just being

as different as it is gang try these

bananas side-by-side is a very rare and

special opportunity and I'm really glad

to have gotten the chance to do this and

see how the bands have changed and

progressed and potentially will continue

to progress forward into the future and

if you would like to try these yourself

if you want to try the grow Michelle the

Goldfinger and compare them to the

Cavendish see where we have come from

i hope you like this article then share and comment

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